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Get Your CV Noticed – How To Improve Your CV

1 Mar, 2017

Get Your CV Noticed – How To Improve Your CV

Improve your CV

Your CV is a mirror into your qualifications, experience, and what you offer to an organization. Improve your CV and present the employer a professionally written document. It is a vitally important factor in determining whether you qualify for an interview or not.

When it comes to crafting your CV properly to cover all an employer might seek, you basically have three possible options:

  • Employ the services of a professional CV writer. This is the best option as these services know how to get your CV noticed and you will stand a much better chance at an interview. Get a free CV review here
  • Download and make use of a free CV template online. Search Google and you will find plenty free one’s available.
  • Do it yourself (not recommended!)

Which of these options should you go with? Well it’s your choice, but the objective is to prepare a CV that immediately catches the employers attention and gives you at least a chance at an interview.

How To Improve Your CV

Job Achievements

Always include accomplishments from previous jobs that are related to the position you are applying for. Including position-specific achievements tells your recruiter you know what is being asked of you. Be sure to quantify your achievements.

For instance, rather than saying you increased sales, why not say you increased sales by 30% over one month? Be sure that the figures you include are factual and for non-quantifiable achievements, be as specific as possible.


Your work experience is a very important part of your CV. Here you describe your previous positions, the responsibilities you held, and the skills you attained from the job. Your most recent job should always come first. Give more attention to jobs that are more related to the position you are applying for. If you occupied any leadership role, be sure to highlight it here too.

Internships or placements

If you engaged in any internship or industry placement before obtaining your degree, it makes sense to include it in a separate section. Being directly related to the position you are currently applying for, all the better. This is a good opportunity to show the recruiter how you acquired certain skills that are transferable to the job.

Skills and certifications

Include any certification program or do you have any particular skill that might not be directly related to the position you are applying for? IT skills (such as expertise in use of Word processors or Excel) are always a plus for most jobs. Similarly, include whatever certifications you might have acquired over the years and any ongoing training program you are currently involved with.


Once the CV has been completed you must keep it organized. Remember, a poorly organized CV might not even get a look-in from a recruiter. To ensure that your CV is organized in a way that catches a recruiters attention, use the following tips:

  • Too much information (TMI) – Trim it down to only include as much information as necessary that’s relevant.
  • Grammar –  Incorrect grammar displays a lack of professionalism and is very off-putting.
  • Keywords – Identify and include keywords that a recruiter would look out for while skimming through your CV.

In conclusion, there are many ways to improve your CV but ultimately the CV document itself must be perfectly presented and optimized.


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